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gedit OS X opening files

Finally sat down and took the time to solve the issue of opening files on OS X. Since OS X uses IPC for opening files on existing processes, some special care had to be taken to make this work. Anyway, … Continue reading

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gedit 2.28.0, OS X

Lagging a bit behind, but it is there, gedit 2.28.0 for OS X. There wasn’t much time during this cycle for fixing some of the reported bugs on OS X, I especially wanted to have the issue resolved with gedit … Continue reading

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gedit 2.26.3

Just released gedit 2.26.3. A small number of bugfixes, but worth a release nevertheless. Needless to say, there is also a dmg for OS X. No windows installer yet, but that’s sure to follow. From the NEWS: New Features and … Continue reading

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gedit OS X for realz

My first ever blog post on gnome blogs, and about time. Today I ‘finished’ my earlier porting of gedit to OS X. Although we did the initial port some time ago, it was more a proof-of-concept than actually something usable. … Continue reading

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