gedit 2.28.0, OS X

Lagging a bit behind, but it is there, gedit 2.28.0 for OS X. There wasn’t much time during this cycle for fixing some of the reported bugs on OS X, I especially wanted to have the issue resolved with gedit not being able to open files when opening them from for instance finder. Implementing this turned out to not be as trivial as a few hours (at least not for me, I don’t really know any objective-c).

So, not so much OS X goodies in this release, but at least you get the latest and the greatest in terms of gedit. The most notable change in this release is probably the ‘Quick Open’ plugin which you can use to quickly open documents (similar, but not quite, to textmate’s snap open).

Update: you can download the dmg at the usual location:

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3 Responses to gedit 2.28.0, OS X

  1. Dio Gratia says:

    Thanks for getting the printer library stuff in there.

  2. triathlon says:

    Fixed my key mapping problem too. Excellent!

  3. blackbeard says:

    I just found this… I LOVE YOU! This is awesome… thank you!!!

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