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Video editing WTF

So once in a while, say every half a year, I have the need to do some very simple video editing. So every half a year I try various video editing software using GNOME technologies to see if any of … Continue reading

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Hiding git ignored files

Some projects that I work with tend to autogenerate a lot of files, autotools projects in particular are very good at that. Most gnome software correctly adds all the autogenerated files to .gitignore files automatically, so git nicely ignores them … Continue reading

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Avahi on fedora

I have been frustrated by avahi apparently not working properly on Fedora. Turned out I just had to disable the firewall… One more thing fedora could polish…

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Make yum faster

Pleeeaaaaase… It’s not acceptable, really… Note: This is a rant…

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gnome 3.0 for application developers

I wanted to write a little post on what it means for application developers to try to get ready for GNOME 3.0. Many people might already realize what I try to outline here, but I think it’s still good to … Continue reading

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Fun with gstreamer (controlling volume of channels independently)

Recently I wanted to use gstreamer to add some very basic audio support to an application. I just used the playbin element to play audio files and added some logic to control volume (easy enough with playbin since you can … Continue reading

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On cycling

I saw some posts on pgo recently on cycling, so I thought it would be a good occasion to do the monthly or so blog. Cycling is something very natural where I come from (which is flatland), but since it’s literally flat … Continue reading

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guitar software

Dear all, I’m looking for a nice piece of software that will assist me in my recently revitalized guitar playing activities. What I would like is really just a tool for my convenience in playing along with songs that I … Continue reading

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