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I saw some posts on pgo recently on cycling, so I thought it would be a good occasion to do the monthly or so blog. Cycling is something very natural where I come from (which is flatland), but since it’s literally flat everywhere there is not that much to it. For instance, I used to have a bike with no gears, and you break by peddling backwards. This is not really the case where I live now (which is Switzerland, Lausanne). So, in order to get a bit into shape (and loose some kg’s) I started to do some more cycling here, mostly short trips of 2 hours max, but with quite a bit of climbing (at least for me :)) which is nice!

Today I decided I was up for something more, so I went from Lausanne to Geneva and back, which totals at around 120 to 130 km (give or take, the route on the map is not exactly how I went and I didn’t track GPS and also don’t have a km counter) in 6 hours. I must admit that the last 30 or so kilometers where pretty hard on me (since I’m really just a beginner) and I also did it with a mountain bike (I’ll hopefully have a racing bike soon). Anyway, my legs are burning quite nicely. More cycling!

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  3. trusktr says:

    Hello Jesse,

    I didn’t know where to contact you so i thought I’d try here.

    Is there any way you can add the “snipplr” plugin for gedit officially? It’s really cool and allows you to post snippets of code and edit them live from Gedit.

    You can get info about it here: http://snipplr.com/developer/ under “Gedit Snipplr Plugin”.

    It seems like it’d be a really cool addition to have for Gedit!


  4. Jesse van den Kieboom says:

    I don’t think this qualifies at least for the gedit core plugins. It might be a nice addition for the gedit-plugins package, but there are already quite some plugins in that package. If you want, you can file a bug in bugzilla with your request.

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