Joining Codethink

This month I’ve started to work for Codethink, a British company
specialized in providing expert consultancy on the Linux, Freedesktop and
GNOME software stack. A dream come true!

I also moved to Manchester (yay!), so many changes in a short time; but I’m very happy to be here and join such a bunch of talented hackers

Thanks Codethink, exciting times ahead! :)

11 thoughts on “Joining Codethink”

  1. ¡ Me alegro mucho ! Seguro que lo vas hacer fenomenal. Lo que no saben es que contigo van a tener que currar más cerrando bugs para cumplir nuevos goals ;)

  2. Congrats! It seem’s that last year was the year everybody’s moving (except me :P, also like you can see I have a huge backlog of RSS feeds :(

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