GNOME 3 is here!

I’m happy, GNOME 3.0 is out!

I still remember when in 2009 I heard about a plan to make the next GNOME version.
I wanted to contribute and I met some great people that guide me on the best way to help in the effort, so I started to work in the Streamlining of the Platform part, trying to remove all the deprecated stuff. Also I started to work with the Bugsquad team, on GnomeGoals and then in GTK+3.

And now GNOME 3.0 is finally here! 🙂 Thanks to all the people that made this release possible! You all rock!

If you are in Manchester, come to MadLab this Sunday at 14:00 for the GNOME 3 Launch Party!

And, of course:


2 thoughts on “GNOME 3 is here!”

  1. Why are you (plus Gnome) and Ubuntu not listening to the people…

    Alright. There are some phone nuts, the ones you both are catering to…

    and there is a push to ‘tablets’…

    But, I don’t want a tablet on my desk top…

    and I use a cell phone to make calls (ONLY!!!)

    Reading comments from computer users, there are the two areas above, represented…

    But! they are neither the majority, nor, generally able to communicate anything but basic urges, with any intellegence.

    BOTH Gnome and Ubuntu are putting out ‘products’ that

    1) Break systems (Both Gnome and Ubuntu have admitted such)
    2) Have a growing vocal group that says, basically, you do and we leave, since there is no reasonable alternative.
    3) Have crapware all over the screen, hogging it, breaking it and you both have the dinosaur mentality “You will love it because “We SAY SO!”‘

    Many businesses, professionals, and the old fart that I am say, you have forgotten and lost the real reason for using your software…

    IT was able to easily be made “OURS”….

    Take Firefox. The came out with the crap edition 4.0.

    All the improvemets in how Firefox worked, could have been done in 3.6.x, frome the better performance of Java, through to the internet speed up (most were ‘tweaks’ before 4.0 came out, anyway)

    But the same dinosaur “We Say So” thinking was used by them, and the first thing everyone does is mover things back to the way they were, since where Mozilla put them was stupid (not them but WE SAY SO!!!!!)

    You and Ubuntu are going Radical Dino on screwing it up… (WE SAY SO and YOU AIN’T Listening, because, you care only about kyewtsie gee-gaws and gay bar deco.

    Make a Gecko option to leave your ‘We Thay Tho’ stuff out, and a clean and simple interface (God not Mint’s)…

    Or have someone gin up one for Ubuntu 4.0 and you will steal the tide… guaranteed.

    Companies DON’T want what you are shoving our (not ready for prime time)…

    BTW I came here, since I am willing to communicate, but, you and your organizations have shown an unwillingness to hear.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

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