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Tue 19 Jul 2005

coding: Johann shamed me into starting a GtkTreeView editor for gazpacho. I spent a couple of hours tonight on it, and got a mockup going. I have a good idea of what I want it to look like, and will try hooking it up to Gazpacho tomorrow. This will make it easier to make a […]

Wed 13 Jul 2005

bugs: There are forty bugs against the screenshooter! It just takes screenshots, for heaven’s sake — how can it be that buggy?? It looks like I’m definitely going to spend some time going through these bugs soon. The highlight of these is a patch from Dan Winship to draw the cursors in the screenshots. Awesome! […]

Sat 08 Dec 2001

GTK+ (gtkrbtree.c): Below, I should have had: (node->right == tree->nil || !GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET…) This cute little bug, plus one other, kept me busy drawing pictures of Red-Black trees for almost three days. guests (blizzard): Chris is in town for a week or so, again. We’re spending the afternoon hacking in the dining room, listening to Ziggy […]

Fri 09 Mar 2001

cooking: Made Quesadillas for dinner with homemade guacamole. It was yummy, despite the fact that Food Lion sold me cheese past its expiration date. hacking: Spent too much time playing Fortress and not enough time working on it these last coupla days. I need to put some serious effort in it this weekend. Nothing: Dang […]

Mon 18 Dec 2000

cooking: Made latkes for dinner, with carrots, zucchini, and potatoes. Ate with applesauce. Very yummy. meta: Trying a new diary format.