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Tue 24 Feb 2004

File Selector: Working with Federico on the filechooser has been a lot of fun!! The file selector is starting to feel really good. A few more tweaks and the “Open With” mode will be in good shape. The “Save as” mode needs more love, but we’re definitely making progress. This dialog is definitely going to […]

Sun 22 Feb 2004

File Selector: I did more work. The path bar is almost done. I hope to spend the rest of next week getting the behavior right. It’s starting to look pretty nice now; at least on my machine. (-: semantics: What does “troubled” mean? When someone says they’re “troubled” by an event, does that mean that […]

Wed 18 Feb 2004

File Selector: I volunteered to help Federico clean up the file selector for the 2.4 release. It’s been really nice to work on GTK+ again. I hadn’t done much in the way of widget work in the last couple months, and it felt good to write a size_allocate function. Sysadmin: Spent large parts of last […]