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Wed 25 Sep 2002

laptop: This is my father’s axe… In the past couple months I’ve replaced the harddrive, the screen, the plastic backing to the screen, the keyboard, the motherboard (twice), and the processor. The only original piece remaining is the plastic on the bottom. Psyche: It’s done! It should be available to the public really soon now. […]

Sun 01 Sep 2002

laptop: Now it’s really dying. The right hand side of the screen doesn’t work, and the harddrive keeps giving IO errors. Need to call Dell monday morning. I may have to get a replacement sometime. spelling: jfleck kindly reminded me of a sign on the side of the Pasadena Playhouse. It said something to the […]

Thu 20 Sep 2001

flight: Still over land, though this time it’s Ireland. Did I sleep? I don’t remember. Time for some quick tree hacking before we land. laptop: updatedb is draining the battery.

Wed 14 Mar 2001

Laptop: My laptop arrived!!!! Woo hoo hoo. Repartitioned it to add a wintendo partition, but it mostly works. Then I tried to install network drivers for the pcmcia card I have for Windows. That was a total disaster. I think I’ll have to reinstall it tomorrow. It was nice getting a laptop from dell to […]

Fri 02 Mar 2001

hacking (AR2): Couldn’t sleep, so I did most of the work needed to get cards moving (except actually moving the silly window.) Laptop: I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, but I ordered my new laptop! I ordered a Dell C600 w/ RH 7 preinstalled. I guess I’ll get a chance to see how good […]

Fri 23 Feb 2001

doggy: Fought with a skunk or something. Lost. Ugh. Stinky. laptop: Got my insurance money today from my stolen laptop. I think I’m going to replace it with a Dell C600. It looks like a reasonably nice one with enough beefiness to actually compile GTK+. (-: I’d like to get something like a car-alarm for […]