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Sat 31 Mar 2001

dinnerandamovie: Went out with Owen and Zana to the Persian restaurant ( and rented The Red Violin afterwards. I liked the movie even though it was a little silly. A very good mood piece. hacking (GTK+-HEAD): Finished getting GtkListStore to fully implement GtkTreeSortable, as well as getting GtkTreeView to fully take advantage of them (minus […]

Mon 03 Feb 2001

meta: Federico pointed out that I have been forgetting to update this, so I will start doing so again. camera: Southern California was fun. Zana and I got a digital camera for christmas — a Olympus D-490Z. After spending a long and frustrating time trying to get it to work with GPhoto, I finally RTFM. […]

Sun 04 Feb 2001

meta: moved to old-style ChangeLog entries. This way I can get a time-stamp in too. Also, added a nice colorization script to make it look nicer.

Mon 18 Dec 2000

cooking: Made latkes for dinner, with carrots, zucchini, and potatoes. Ate with applesauce. Very yummy. meta: Trying a new diary format.