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Wed 11 Oct 2006

sports: It’s really tough to be married to a Mets and Broncos fan…

Sat 14 May 2005

introspection: Matthias has been doing fantastic work on the GObject introspection front. It’s currently in the gobject-introspection module in CVS if anyone wants to play with it. It is already mostly functional, if a bit untested. He added libffi support this week, meaning that g_function_info_invoke() now works. For those who haven’t been following this project, […]

Wed 20 Oct 2004

sports: There is no other sporting event quite like baseball at its best.

Sun 03 Oct 2004

sports: It is now official. Both the Dodgers and the Red Sox are in the playoffs this year.

Sat 24 Jul 2004

mime: Dave Camp, Ray Strode and I spent last week struggling with the MIME system. We made some headway (or at least managed to get a release out). Next week, we tackle monitoring. And fixing bugs. And ABI problems. shadows: After chatting with Matthias last week, I decided to try to put together a visual […]

Fri 03 Aug 2001

Sports: New rule. No sports reporter should ever use the word ‘adversity’ except maybe when talking about Lance Armstrong. I get the feeling he wouldn’t really like it in that context either.

Fri 06 Jul 2001

kite: I got to fly my kite!!!! It wasn’t very windy, so I got to practice low speed flying. It was very tough to keep in the air, as it continually stalled and fluttered down. I managed to get Edward to fly it for a while, too. He thought it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we’re […]

Sat 26 May 2001

doggy: Stinks. Managed to get into something outside recently. I’ve shampooed him four times too… sports: Watched the Lakers destroy the Spurs with Zana tonight. It was pretty fun. I thought Tim Duncan was cooler then that, though… hacking: Wrote a small screenshooter for GNOME inspired by Havoc’s post. I found what I think is […]