Back Open, Back to Bugzilla

After an interesting ride internal, I’m back to open and hacking Bugzilla — at least for a couple weeks — helping Andre with technical and coding stuff for Bugzilla, as the increasing amount of incoming bug reports takes more and more time. It’s very nice to see the same old guys still around.

My priority tasks are first some quick, much needed tweaks to the current version. Then on to new lands, getting Bugzilla 3.4 in shape for Stay tuned.

5 Responses to “Back Open, Back to Bugzilla”

  1. Nice to have you there!

  2. Great! Any code modifications that you guys plan to make that you think would be worth submitting back upstream?


  3. Uwe says:

    Welcome back! :)

  4. […] of bug reports happened right after Maemo Summit in week 41, but I expect way busier times ahead) Karsten concentrates on technical stuff. It’s good to have him back as now stuff gets done that […]