Bugzilla maintenance to trunk. Progress.

As Andre mentioned, me being back part-time to the technical side of Bugzilla and taking hacking work off his hands already paid off — some minor, yet much needed Bugzilla tweaks finally went live. While Andre can keep fully concentrating on the growing number of community bug reports, due to a growing community.

The first task turned out to also require quite some cleaning-up, fixing and Perl compatibility coding, to get the maintenance branch back into working state. Once I won the fight with SVN, the requested changes were done quickly. 😉

Currently I’m wading through SVN again (trunk this time), making heads and tails of some confusing commits, chasing missing templates and skins, to get a clean, almost vanilla Bugzilla 3.4 up and running, while maintaining our precious customizations. A whole lot of CSS fun is lurking right behind the corner — Bugzilla with the new maemo.org style!