True Love should take all Night

If all these “pretty looking girl”s who are sending me mail daily really would come to my place like they promised, I’d need some of these advertised “mens pills”. And I can afford them, cause I sure take advice from a complete stranger with low spelling abilities who knows about the finest penny stocks taking off soon. But please, no more Rolex replica offers or member enlargement devices — the girls find me attractive just as I am.

That’s what you get when you can’t sleep, and instead decide to check the low scoring Spam mails for false positives. On the plus side, I now do know that my hand tweaked SA is catching 400+ Spams a day, and doesn’t catch even a single good mail. Yay…

burned out

So I have been staying away from Bugzilla for a whole week apparently. Didn’t really realize, but I dropped off of the weekly stats entirely.

Almost felt like vacation. A constant rate of a thousand bugs per week for a couple of weeks really burned me out. But I feel like I should get back to Bugzilla again. Already started by processing that huge pile of backlogged Bugzilla spam. There’s a lot work awaiting me…

On another note, the GARNOME Team already is planning a new release,, which probably will be out later this week. Dot two already included a lot of serious crash, leak and security fixes. Some more have been released the days after the official GNOME release — and we always try to provide the best vanilla flavored distribution.

Bugsquad Self-Training

It’s always nice to help out fellow Bugsquad members and help them find the proper duplicate if they are unsure. Get 4 bug numbers, a short description — and start checking the reports and some related facts in FTP and CVS.

A couple of minutes later you nailed down the original report together. Effectively closing one report as duplicate, adding a good stacktrace (which the fellow bug hunter already got by reproducing the crash) with debugging symbols to the original bug stuck in NEEDINFO — and even know another already closed bug that probably is the same issue.

This holds true especially if the “fellow bug hunter” happens to be one of those rare women in this male dominated part of the world.

I still remember her from her very first bug day, initiated by #gnome-women. And coincidentially I noticed her yesterday in the weekly stats, place 4 bug closer. Way to go, Susana! 🙂


A blog. No, my blog. Yay. Now I am important, no? 😉

Seriously, I meant do do this for a long time already. Get me a place where I can drop some thoughts of mine, and maybe have the public read it. As opposed to the IRC way of doing this — keep writing the same stuff over and over again. A personal homepage you say? Nah, that’s so 90’s. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. In fact, I set up more than one homepage, or at least worked on it locally. But lost interest when it got to constantly maintaining it — developing is so much more fun than to just update it. So I ended up with dropping them sooner or later. Let’s see how this works out.

Of course I got my blog at, rather than one of these, err, anonymous blog sites, where every random Joe can register such a thing. I got it here as part of the community.

What to expect? Not sure yet. Thoughts about GNOME related stuff. Yes. Maybe some personal matters. Politics? Sure not. What else… Well, we’ll see.

First, I need a target audience. Or rather, I need to reach my target audience. What’s a blog good for, if no one reads it? Oh, wait — personal review of one’s experiences, just as a diary. Will I do this?

Speaking of the audience — I want to be syndicated at Planet GNOME. Getting this blog was a pretty nice experience, and extremely fast. Thanks O.! Now let’s see how long it takes to get on p.g.o. Seems to be a good way to spread ones my opinion. Thus, I’ll probably not blog about most things currently concerning me, until I got there. No audience, no fun.