A blog. No, my blog. Yay. Now I am important, no? 😉

Seriously, I meant do do this for a long time already. Get me a place where I can drop some thoughts of mine, and maybe have the public read it. As opposed to the IRC way of doing this — keep writing the same stuff over and over again. A personal homepage you say? Nah, that’s so 90’s. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. In fact, I set up more than one homepage, or at least worked on it locally. But lost interest when it got to constantly maintaining it — developing is so much more fun than to just update it. So I ended up with dropping them sooner or later. Let’s see how this works out.

Of course I got my blog at, rather than one of these, err, anonymous blog sites, where every random Joe can register such a thing. I got it here as part of the community.

What to expect? Not sure yet. Thoughts about GNOME related stuff. Yes. Maybe some personal matters. Politics? Sure not. What else… Well, we’ll see.

First, I need a target audience. Or rather, I need to reach my target audience. What’s a blog good for, if no one reads it? Oh, wait — personal review of one’s experiences, just as a diary. Will I do this?

Speaking of the audience — I want to be syndicated at Planet GNOME. Getting this blog was a pretty nice experience, and extremely fast. Thanks O.! Now let’s see how long it takes to get on p.g.o. Seems to be a good way to spread ones my opinion. Thus, I’ll probably not blog about most things currently concerning me, until I got there. No audience, no fun.

2 thoughts on “Finally…”

  1. Did you read p.g.o lately? 😉

    Seriously, of course you are right. But what use is it to blog about GNOME project details, if no one is reading it? Yay, we got a “Henne-Ei Problem” (German)…

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