Bugsquad Self-Training

It’s always nice to help out fellow Bugsquad members and help them find the proper duplicate if they are unsure. Get 4 bug numbers, a short description — and start checking the reports and some related facts in FTP and CVS.

A couple of minutes later you nailed down the original report together. Effectively closing one report as duplicate, adding a good stacktrace (which the fellow bug hunter already got by reproducing the crash) with debugging symbols to the original bug stuck in NEEDINFO — and even know another already closed bug that probably is the same issue.

This holds true especially if the “fellow bug hunter” happens to be one of those rare women in this male dominated part of the world.

I still remember her from her very first bug day, initiated by #gnome-women. And coincidentially I noticed her yesterday in the weekly stats, place 4 bug closer. Way to go, Susana! 🙂