Monthly Archives: November 2007

Trip the light fantastic

Useful uses for a compositor #1 Some videos this time, they’re not particularly good quality but that doesn’t matter. First – Its like acid, but cheaper! So what exactly are we seeing? Well, everytime a section of the screen needs to be redrawn, the compositor draws it correctly, and then picks a random colour […]

2007-11-28: All our journal entries are busy; please hold

This still isn’t a complete roundup of yesterday, but : GNOME bug 500279: theme inefficiency: Iain continued to rock on by finding and fixing quite a major inefficiency in the theme code: values which could have been cached weren’t. Thomas began to review the patch last night, but it was a little too much to take […]

Shoot speed kill light

Some recent changes to the compositor made it feel kinda slow and laggy. Not in a noticable way but more in a subconscious something feels wrong way. I tested xfwm and it seemed fine running as a compositor, and given that Metacity’s compositor has the same heritage as xfwm’s and I’ve been checking the xfwm […]

2007-11-27’s not-quite-a-journal

Life is still hectic for the maintainers this week, so this will be a short post. On that theme , GNOME bug 468075, about a problem with vertical maximisation (which has been said to be a simple, reproducible bug, although it’s about a feature that most users don’t know exists) is not yet fixed. Someone […]

Continued absence of dolphins

Sorry for the lack of daily “journal” posts over the past few days: I’ve been rather busy with real life, and it takes rather a while to gather up the crumbs to make a post. I’ve been writing a script off and on which will do the donkey work and let me or anyone else […]

By popular request

Some people have expressed concern about the panel drop shadows. At least three people didn’t like that they drew the shadows over the windows close to them. So in response I’ve just committed a change that makes the panel drop shadows only draw on the desktop. I think it looks quite neat and tidy actually. […]

Underground Cave Dwellers Society

A quick update on the compositor.  I updated the branch to match the trunk, so all the bug fixes have been up into the branch. Some more compositing bugs have been squashed: Changing screen resolution should work The transparency property on windows is now respected (meaning that gdk_window_set_opacity works, as does transset) Jonathan Matthew fixed […]

We get letters: two projects

Nigel Tao writes: Hello. I’ve been reading with great interest, and was wondering if you had any thoughts on my superswitcher program? People occasionally ask me if I’d push some of it upstream, which presumably means into metacity. I asked which parts people wanted pushed upstream, and he said “the replacement of the existing […]

raise_on_click: not what you think

There is a GConf key called /apps/metacity/general/raise_on_click. It does not, as is widely assumed, cause windows to be raised when they’re clicked. You should never turn it off. Doing so will make your user experience confusing in subtle ways. The short description of the key in the current schema says that it controls whether raising […]

2007-11-18: quiet day

Quiet day. Lucas Rocha submitted a patch to make Metacity play nicely with the new gnome-session startup, which will be in the next development release. Also, mateju updated the Slovenian translation again. Photo: The Glass House, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.