I know what you’re thinking: you thought this blog was dead. Well, I have to apologise for the lack of attention to Metacity recently. I’ve been trying to rectify this, and I’ll try to keep it up. There have been things sucking up my time, but they are mostly over now. I’ve closed a few bugs over the last few days; I’m trying to review all the unreviewed patches first. Next to go is GNOME bug 156543.

Posting to the Metacity blog was taking more of my time than actually working on Metacity, so I will try to cut back on the posts. But if someone from the GNOME project who has a basic idea about window managers would like posting rights here, that would be fine with me.

Some actual news: As well as the standard git tree at, I have pushed Metacity to github and gitorious, so you can easily clone it if you need to. I will try to keep them up to date. I hope this is useful for people who would like to hack on it.

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