Squib of the day: read your email

Metacity’s window menu is less than cluttered; there’s room for a fair amount of extra options in there. One that was recently suggested is an option to take a screenshot of the current window.  However, that can be done already using keybindings.  What about more adventurous use of the menus?

GNOME bug 472370 makes the reasonable suggestion that Metacity should contain an IMAP client. It would be possible to read your GMail inbox right from the system menu of any window. After all, Zawinski’s law points out that programs which cannot read email are overtaken by programs that can, and if Compiz contains an email client, your chronicler has yet to hear of it.

This appears to be a perfectly sensible idea, and our prototype is demonstrated in this post.  It will be included in the next unstable version. After we iron all the bugs out of this, we might deal with focus fixes if we have the time.

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