Monthly Archives: January 2008

2008-01-28: the Metacity Journal strikes back

Good evening and welcome back to the Metacity Journal. Tonight’s roundup of all things metacitous includes: Recent bugs : GNOME bug 333548: Alex Turner’s patch is going in tonight just as soon as I’ve rebuilt absolutely everything because my glib build was out of date . GNOME bug 358674 (as previously discussed on these pages) continues to […]

2008-01-19: minimal journal

A very, very brief journal entry. Metacity allows you to bind keys to horizontal and vertical maximisation of a window. Should this exist, since it’s so rarely used? Should there be a more easily-discoverable way of working? How would it work– right and middle and left click doing different things, as kwin does, or double-clicking […]

2008-01-12: For, indeed, the best medicine in life is a friend

Welcome back to the Metacity Journal; it’s been a month, and Christmas got in the way a little, so this will be rather a highlights reel. Havoc has sorted all source files into subdirectories by purpose, which makes the structure of the program a lot cleaner. Iain has fixed some bugs in the compositor about […]