Monthly Archives: July 2009

Apologia for CSS

This blog is not about to become devoted to the single topic of experimental CSS theming, but some interesting points were raised in the discussion yesterday, which spilled over to Slashdot.  We should have emphasised the experimental nature of the CSS subsystem in its name: perhaps “CSS On Window Borders Experimental Layout Language”. Why? Some […]

Recent happenings in Metacity and Mutter

Here’s a quick round-up of interesting goings-on in the Metacity and Mutter worlds this week. Sam H wants to implement tabbed windows in the window manager (so that each application would think it had multiple windows open, but the user would see tabs).  The responses included “awesome” and “my personal hero”.  Sam H plans to […]

More CSS thoughts

The recent discussion about CSS themes looks as though it may become one of the most interesting new ideas in theming in recent years. Here are some further thoughts on what may evolve from this. An alternative. There is no general way, and few special ways, to convert expression-based v1 and v2 themes to the […]

The wider world of window border themes

After all this talk about theme formats, an overview of how they are handled in other window managers seemed in order. Your chronicler is no expert on most of these systems, so there may well be mistakes below. As you probably know, Metacity uses a complex and powerful (perhaps over-powerful) XML-based vector theme format. Matchbox […]

Further thoughts on extending the window menu

The previous post about extending the window menu caused a great deal of discussion. It would seem that our readers would be interested in an implementation.  Thomas is considering working on this after the window matching experiments are more stable. Now, we can imagine that any package might want to add menu options when it […]

Two hundred

The Metacity blog has been going now for a little over two years, and this is our two hundredth post. We began at least partly as a place to keep an essay about building the tab list, and we grew from there, picking up the Metacity Journal, release notes, and the Bug of the Day […]

Copper: an experiment with CSS

Further to our previous discussion of CSS, Thomas spent a few hours on sketching out a possible design for a CSS-based theme format, and on representing Daniel Borgmann‘s Human theme using it. This is an experiment, all very blue-sky and unofficial, and is quite likely never to lead anywhere. The first question to resolve is […]

The window menu

The window menu is the menu you see when you click the menu button (which usually has the window icon on it), or right-click the titlebar. An identical menu appears when you right-click an application’s entry in the task switcher on the panel, although this menu is owned by libwnck rather than Metacity and is […]

Towards a third version of the theme format: some design goals

When we add features to the theme format, they must be added all in one go for reasons which were explained earlier. We are currently on version 2 of the theme format. In case there is ever a version 3, here are some of our design goals.  Not all of these may necessarily be met […]

Window matching experiment

At the Collabora party, Robert Ancell asked me how difficult it would be to implement window matching in Metacity. I decided this was an interesting question and spent an hour and a half today working on it. The results are now in the matching branch in GNOME git. If you’d like to download it and […]