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Squib of the day: Where did I come from?

Two rather similar squibs today . GNOME bug 96348 calls for an animation to be shown when restoring (unminimising) a window, as we already do when minimising. I can’t see any problem with this idea . GNOME bug 97288, however, would like all new windows to have the opportunity to come from somewhere.  If you open a […]

Squib of the day: Macro cleanup

In GNOME bug 94111, Havoc points out that some of the macros we use for checking certain features of windows are incorrect.  Fields with names like has_foo_func denote whether the window gives us permission to foo it.  Macros with names like ALLOWS_foo take these into consideration and also whether the operation is possible right now […]

Squib of the day: Workspaces should switch instantaneously, or not

When GNOME bug 86590 was born, it was a request to make workspaces switch instantaneously when you panned around them using the workspace switcher with ctrl+alt+arrow. Then that was fixed, and someone else complained that it was too slow, and inconsistent with the alt+tab popup, which doesn’t switch until you let go of alt.  They […]

Squib of the day: line weight

At present all lines are drawn at the same thickness.  However, some people such as partially-sighted users require particularly thick lines .  GNOME bug 86040 suggests that the line format be extended to give the width as a fraction of the current icon height. Since this is a change to the format, it must appear […]

Squib of the day: Drag and drop should work properly

In GNOME bug 80984 (closely related to GNOME bug 76672), someone is asking for the window manager to help out with drag-and-drop.  The problem is that a drag-and-drop operation should not raise the window it begins in, because raising that window could obscure the window you’re planning to drop the object into. This is a […]

Squib of the day: keys for windows

GNOME bug 97725 raises the interesting idea of associating keys with windows.  Two differing approaches have been advocated: Have a set of keys which work to “bookmark” windows, and a corresponding set of keys which mean “jump to bookmark n“. Have a keystroke which means “bookmark this window using the key I’m about to press”, […]

Squibs roundup, number 1

Rather than allow squibs to disappear into the bit bucket, we’ll post the status of all the squibs so far every so often (except any that were already fixed or rejected at the time of the previous roundup).  There is only limited time to fix things, so the burden of proof is on explaining why […]

Binding mouse buttons

This was going to be the squib of the day for May 8th (yes, I have it all planned out) but I thought it was so interesting and potentially useful that I wrote a patch already. Metacity lets you bind keystrokes to all sorts of things, but it doesn’t let you bind all those extra […]

Squib of the day: allow binding naked modifiers

GNOME bug 150897 points out that as things stand you can’t bind naked modifiers to actions– for example, you can’t have it so that pressing alt on its own takes a screenshot. The reason this might be useful is that pressing super (which is generally the key with the Windows logo on it) on its […]

Squib of the Day: Show size during resizing

GNOME bug 130821 suggests that all windows should have the current dimensions shown in the middle while they’re being resized.  Everyone seems to agree this is a good idea, and I’m not sure why we haven’t just committed it yet.  Any naysayers? Photo © Bruno Peck, cc-by-nc-sa.