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You can switch in a direction!

When I posted yesterday’s squib, I really didn’t expect six people to say they’d use it. Someone plaintively left a message on the bug saying “Please make it possible for devilspie to add this feature!” Well, it is possible for devilspie or any other addon to add this feature, and for that reason it’s not […]

Half-finished code finishing marathon time

I have several half-finished bits of code lying around.  I think I’ll make an effort to merge them in, at least in test branches, to see what people think.  (When we get a DVCS, this will be easier.) Veracity, a test suite.  This is about two-thirds done, but will require a bit of autotools magic […]

Thought experiments: plugins

Recently, Markus Weißbacher raised GNOME bug 545627 to ask for a new menu option which suspended a window’s owning process. Now, it’s not particularly difficult to do this, and to some people (presumably Markus, at least) it’s useful, but there are hundreds of things we could put on the window menu, and if we put […]

Build systems and version control

In GNOME bug 532353, Elijah suggests switching Metacity to waf. Your thoughts on this are requested. I will build this into the test scripts whether or not we go with it in the long term. Also, no work is getting done (or at least checked in) until the openssh débâcle is over and gone. Would […]

Patch wrangler

While I was committing, I thought I’d also include, which (once given a patch number) downloads Metacity trunk, applies the patch, configures, and makes. It would be better if it could figure out the project name given the patch so that it was usable on other projects, which is possible through scraping bugzilla, […]

Release wrangler

I’ve written a basic release script for Metacity following the standard release instructions, since I have to go through them every week or so anyway and I thought it would be better to automate them. Of course, it took about five times longer to write the script than to do a release, but I look […]