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Squib of the day: named colours

GNOME bug 121866 would like a way to set drawing colours according to palette entries in bitmap images in the same theme, as well as giving literal RGB values or giving a reference to a GTK colour.  It is suggested by the reporter that this could be done with the XPM format, which allows colours– […]

Squib of the day: Restore z-order

In GNOME bug 85793, someone points out that when a session is restored, the windows are restored out of order.  (The z-order is the depth of the window in the stack on the screen, so called by analogy with Cartesian X and Y coordinates.)  So if a window was on top when you logged out, […]

Quick mention: a theme editor

Someone is working on a Metacity theme editor called Metacity Themer. It appears to take rather a different approach from Opacity; it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. I’m not sure whether I should abandon Opacity; I wasn’t working on it anyway much (though I had thought about it quite a bit) and […]

So, why is Human slow?

I mentioned a while back that Human is the slowest of all common themes, taking 6ms to draw the average frame.  It occurred to me to wonder why this might be, of course, so I took the opportunity to instrument it.  Here are the results.  The height of the diagram spans six milliseconds.  You will […]

metacity 2.25.34

Matt Kraai noticed a stupid mistake in last night’s release, so this is a brown paper bag fix.  It was too late at night to write anything sensible, clearly. What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Fixes to Thomas’s earlier fixes (Matt […]

2-25-5 released

What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Thanks to Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. Allow third-party apps to decide whether a window appears on all workspaces (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 557536) Fixed keybindings script (again) (Thomas) Translations David Planella (ca), […]

Logging again

As I mentioned earlier, Metacity has quite a good logging system, but it’s almost never turned on; you have to set some environment variables. If someone reports a bug, we have to ask them specifically to turn it on, and then run Metacity again, and see whether the problem recurs. Federico and Luke suggested earlier […]


What do people think about adding a new “metacity –debug” switch which did the same as the logging environment variables? Would users find it easier to use or remember when necessary?

On the non-existence of shirts

* patoh wants a metacity shirt! <marnanel> patoh: we don’t have a logo or a home page and you want shirts?! :) <patoh> marnanel: sure you have a logo, the default window icon! <marnanel> patoh: then you are wearing a metacity shirt if you go naked!

My goals for 2.23

These are just my (Thomas’s) thoughts; I haven’t discussed them with the others yet. A decent set of regression tests that gets run every night. (This is under development.) Documentation of every function and struct. No outstanding bugs in the bug queue; everything needs to be resolved (maybe wontfix), be being worked on, be scheduled […]