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Evolution 2.24 & Windows port

I have delayed my blog for Evolution 2.24, since I was waiting for Tor and Bharath to complete the Windows port. Yes, Evolution for Windows is available. Click here to download Evolution on Windows . Kudos to Tor (who intially ported base Evolution/friends to Windows) & Bharath for their  work. They also had a equivalent […]

Disk summary updates…

We released 2.23.5 with the basic merge of disk summary. Ever since, It has become a busy working week. Working more than 12 hours day and almost all 7 days of work for me. It happened that Sankar’s db search didn’t work well for us and I started writing a sexp to sql parser and […]

Back from Istanbul and a few updates

Pretty late blog, but really busy. I landed in Bangalore on July 14 8am to attend a 5 day out-door training starting at 10am. Lucky that the timezone difference isn’t very bad, I happened to manage with my training. Guadec: Nice parties and thanks to all their sponsors and GNOME. Had nice discussions/talks with Michael, […]

Istanbul – GUADEC

I’m gonna start to Istanbul for GUADEC 2008 in another 2 hours. I should be there Sunday evening at Istanbul and would be staying till July 13. I’m gonna present two talks Evolution On disk summary Evolution, the Road ahead These explains about some of the interesting things that we are working for Evolution, for […]

I treated Johnny

Johnny and me were discussing some Evolution plugin idea and I said, it would be nice, if we can do it in Python. It is easier to write, as well as to install than a rpm/binary. He told me that he will do it over night, and I said NOT POSSIBLE and I promised to […]

Evolution 2.22 released

I sent an announcement mail for Evolution 2.22. A sneak-peak of what we have done in 2.22  Spam Improvements Bogofilter as default spam filter White list support Junk detection based on server side spam headers (Faster as messages won’t be download)  Junk/NotJunk flags stored on the IMAP Server (Second instance of Evolution detects spam automatically […]

Novell Hackweek #2

Last two days I have been working on deskice integration with Evolution Calendar and Tasks. It was all that fun at the end of day #1 to know that it is better to have a icecore server deployed locally otherwise I may end up hacking/fixing deployment bugs. I finally deployed one at localhost and using […]

Evolution MAPI (Exchange 2007) Preview

Johnny sent out a mail on the Evolution list about the availability of the preview build of the Evolution MAPI provider. Read the complete thread, to know what works and what doesn’t and other known issues. Currently we have rpms for OpenSUSE 10.3 and Fedora only. We would be providing rpms for Evolution 2.12 and […]

Evolution stacktrace hackfest

I just send an announcement mail to the evolution hackers list about the Evolution hackfest. We are planning to fix crashers that are marked with the ‘stacktrace’ keyword on Tuesday Jan 22nd. The keyword typically mean that the crasher has good stack trace that will be useful for the developers to fix the bug. How […]

Camel DB (Disk) Summary – Evolution memory improvements/thoughts

Finally I got my chance to use some of my ITO time (just 3 days this time). I decided to spend my time towards answering memory issues of Evolution Mail. Folder summary (Message list) is one of the biggest reason for Evolution’s high memory usage. The folder summary has Message infos. Every message info is […]