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Performance Measurement (III)

Cairo 1.3.4 is out. It includes the new tesselator and a load of floating point improvements by Daniel Armelang as stellar additions. A couple of graphs: As you can see, the new tesselator is already kicking some ass in the … Continue reading

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Performance Measurement (II)

Finally the first snapshot in the Cairo 1.3 series was released, and so a bit of torturing was due: The good news is that it keeps improving. The awesome news is that there’s still a lot more coming. Hopefully I’ll … Continue reading

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plot-torturer on garage

As promised, here is the code: Btw, I tried to get the new-tesselator branch of cairo following the instructions from the mail list but got stuck in a “EOF: unexpected end of file”. Is it just me? Does anyone … Continue reading

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Performance Measurement (I)

Update: Ok, as usual a paper brown bug in the first release. gtk2-10cairopatch was actually using the pangoxft GTK+ instead of stock. Now I’m using the stock version, and sadly the double to fixed patch looks slightly less impressive… anyway, … Continue reading

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