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The Cyclomatic Horror From Outer Space

I don’t really remember how we got there, but a couple of days ago at the office we ended up talking about the complexity of the codebase we have to deal with. Tommi mentioned the McCabe cyclomatic complexity, “which may … Continue reading

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N810 and new GTK+/Hildon stack

As others have alread commented, the new tablet is now out. But I’m a software guy, so I’ll talk about the software it runs and let others dissect the hardware. As Michael says we had to break the API to … Continue reading

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GTK+ hacking with Emacs, a small trick

I always like to read others people hacking tips, mostly because I suck a lot at using any tool correctly and I am almost always enlightened by them. Today I’ll try to contribute one small trick to the pool. I … Continue reading

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