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If you see the Buddha on the road, port it to GTK+

Ok, there’s something to play with now for the very early adopters: Checkout Epiphany trunk ( Apply the patch on bug 459333 Checkout WebKit trunk ( Build and install the GTK port: cd WebKit WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit –qmakearg=WEBKIT_INC_DIR=$PREFIX/include/WebKit –qmakearg=WEBKIT_LIB_DIR=$PREFIX/lib –gdk cd WebKitBuild/Release … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression

The next image has made a big splash today in Spain: It’s a satire about our Prince and Princess being extremely happy about the new 2500 euro per newborn the government has announced, because it will be the closest thing … Continue reading

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Epiphany + Webkit

As jdub would say: crack now, analysis later.

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aoeui: the case for dvorak

It’s been one week now since I switched to the dvorak layout, the main reasons for it being a preemptive strike on RSI and the desire of going through a formal touch typing training without the vices of many years … Continue reading

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