Epiphany + Webkit

Ephy Webkit

As jdub would say: crack now, analysis later.

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  1. sil says:


    Since people keep asking me why I don’t use WebKit for Jackfield, I suppose I should look at webkit now 🙂

  2. jonner says:

    oh my

  3. Nacho says:

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  4. Fantastic! I truly so want Epiphany to be the browser I know it can be! It really should be the Safari of Gnome (webkit references aside).

    Let the next few months be the months of Epiphany and desktop integration!

  5. Diego says:

    What’s so exciting about this, except for the gtkhtml integration? Gecko-based epiphany already was able to draw web pages….

  6. joe says:

    Diego: It’s not gtkhtml, it’s WebKit…

  7. Chad Page says:

    gtk-webkit needs far less memory than gecko. 🙂

  8. mike says:

    Webkit is meaner and leaner alright. That alone perhaps wouldn’t be worth the fuzz but it also makes it possible separating plugins (flash, totem-plugin, and all the others) that crash or have other sorts of problems from the browser. That kids, means a level of stability never seen by Firefox users!

    Also I have understood that it is easier to work with and customize it for the actual browser. I took couple nights ago some time to read through all open epiphany bugs from bugzilla (uhh lol) and a few of the really hard ones to solve will become very easy to solve with webkit if I understood correctly. Gecko is just retarded in couple areas.

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  10. Jeremy says:

    I’ll buy “lighter and faster.” More stable, though? That certainly hasn’t been my experience. I’ve had Safari crash on me far more than Camino and Firefox recently. I also don’t understand the idea that Webkit allows separating plugins from the browser. I thought Firefox already did that.

    If the Webkit codebase is in better shape than Gecko, that could be a huge advantage. I also like the idea of getting rid of Firefox as a dependency for Epiphany, whether it be through Webkit or XULRunner.

  11. Uzytkownik says:

    I’m looking forward to Epiphany based on Webkit. The KDE, GNOME and Mac OS X would share the same light engine. Gecko is too powerful and overloaded in some cases (and in some cases it has no functionalis that Webkit/KHTML has).

  12. Rawsock says:

    … and there was much rejoicing.

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  14. mike says:

    “I’ve had Safari crash on me far more than Camino and Firefox recently.”

    Konqueror folks might disagree on that.. It’s not webkit’s fault usually.

  15. BTW, is this using gtk-webcore – http://gtk-webcore.sourceforge.net/ – or upstream webkit or what?

  16. xan says:

    It’s using the upstream WebKit gtk port.

  17. what’s the plus / minus of that versus gtk-webcore?

  18. Quinn says:

    The plus is that the upstream WebKit is actually maintained.

  19. so’s gtk-webcore. check SVN. the lead maintainer – Kimmo Kinnunen at Nokia – is very responsive to bug reports, I’ve found: since packaging gtk-webcore and midori in Mandriva I’ve passed on several crasher reports to him and they’ve been fixed very promptly. yesterday I reported a build failure with GTK+ 2.11 and it was fixed this morning.

  20. Il Magnifico says:

    Part of this blog’s name (“iocane”) it’s not considered a good word here in Florence… LOL

  21. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title o.us poetry. Thanks for informative article

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  23. rororo says:

    I hope that epiphany will get the alternative non-gecko browser that I’ve been waiting for. Konqueror is nice, but I don’t like the integrated Filebrowser.

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  25. James Richard Tyrer says:

    “Konqueror is nice, but I don’t like the integrated Filebrowser”

    Perhaps you mean the integreated File _Manager_.
    All browsers will browse files.

  26. James Richard Tyrer says:

    Perhaps you mean the integrated File Manager.
    All browsers will browse files.

  27. JamesL says:

    I hope to see this working sooner rather than later, now that the Firefox folks are showing themselves to be a bunch of AHoles. Want to move away from Firefox soon.

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