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WebKitGTK+ 1.1.4

So, another two weeks, another release. I suppose nobody would have noticed, but we are releasing on Mondays instead of Sundays because we figured it was better to have reviewers around for the inevitable last minute commits. This time we … Continue reading

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Good news, everyone

Update: in good old brown paper-bag bug tradition we messed up the soversion calculation in 1.1.2, so please use the new and improved 1.1.3. Sorry for the trouble 🙂 — As promised, just before GNOME 2.26, two new releases. First, … Continue reading

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WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1

After a few months of hard work I’m happy to announce, on behalf of the WebKitGTK+ team, a new release of WebKitGTK+: md5sum: d3a5d7233beab310e9d3e5568fae49a1 We are storing the tarballs in a host kindly donated by Gustavo while we work … Continue reading

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