WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1

After a few months of hard work I’m happy to announce, on behalf of the WebKitGTK+ team, a new release of WebKitGTK+:


md5sum: d3a5d7233beab310e9d3e5568fae49a1

We are storing the tarballs in a host kindly donated by Gustavo while we work on an official homepage for the project, which hopefully will be done sooner than later. We also plan to release more often from now on, with the next release coming right in time for GNOME 2.26.

The NEWS file for this release, check the documentation for all the details:

WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1

What’s new in WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1?

– ABI compatibility with 1.0.3 was broken, so you will need to
recompile your application against 1.1.1
– Support for the CURL backend was dropped, libsoup is the only HTTP
backend now.
– webkit_get_default_session, to get the SoupSession used internally
by WebKit.
– ‘create-web-view’ signal, emitted when the creation of a new
window is requested.
– ‘navigation-policy-decision-requested’ signal, emitted when a
navigation to another page is requested.
– ‘mime-type-policy-decision-requested’ signal, emitted each time
WebKit is about to show a URI with a given MIME type.
– Support for the Web Inspector
(see http://webkit.org/blog/197/web-inspector-redesign/)
– HTTP authentication support, with optional gnome-keyring storage.
– New load functions: webkit_web_view_open, webkit_web_view_load_uri
and webkit_web_view_load_request. The old
webkit_web_view_load_string and webkit_web_view_load_html_string
are now deprecated.
– webkit_web_view_reload_bypass_cache
– webkit_web_view_{get,set}_custom_encoding, to override the
encoding of the current page.
– Improved stability and lots of bugfixes.

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20 Responses to WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1

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  3. Christoph Burgdorf says:

    Hey, Im kinda curious…as google chrome decided to use GTK for the linux version, will they also use WebKitGtk then?

  4. ethana2 says:

    Any idea how long until Ubuntu builds are included on webkit.org alongside the OS X and Windows builds?

  5. alex says:

    ethana2, there is webkit team ppa on launchpad.net. U can use them. They usually have latest webkit/midori/epiphany builds.

  6. Prakash says:

    Epiphany-webkit (with ppa repo on Ubuntu) fails acid3 at 71/100.
    had the java ,flash plugin dragged into /usr/lib/epiphany-webkit/2.24/plugins/ directory and both works.
    Will you please mention,what went wrong as acid3 fails ? 🙁

  7. Owen says:

    Is there a plan / project / or way to create python bindings for webkit gtk? I would like to start experimenting with webkit-gtk but my application is in python.

  8. Sindhudweep Sarkar says:


    Such an endeavour would be quite strange. There are other desktop linux vendors (eg fedora, suse, arch)

    and there are quite a few different ports of webkit.

    In the main source tree there is GTK and QT; but outside there is a Clutter actor port of webkit, and I think android and chromium have some custom work as well.

    Stéphane Marguet has setup a nice ppa. https://launchpad.net/~webkit-team/+archive/ppa. This is sometimes slightly behind his own ppa but is quite bleeding edge.

  9. xan says:

    @Christoph Burgdorf: Chrome uses the Chrome port, also in trunk, not WebKitGTK.

    @Prakash: I get 100/100 here…

    @Owen: They already exist, and will be updated soon for 1.1.x I believe. See http://code.google.com/p/pywebkitgtk/.

  10. glandium says:

    There was a 1.0.3 ? I’ve never seen another tarball than 1.0.1 !

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  12. Adrian Bunk says:

    Thanks a lot.

    Just one wish:
    Could you create for future WebKitGtk releases release candidates, and announce them in your blog? I would then check whether the release candidate causes any regression for Liferea (and hopefully other people would try it with other applications), which might catch regressions before they go into a release.

    Thanks in advance

  13. xan says:

    @Adrian Bunk: we’ll probably do something like this before stable releases, but I dont think it makes sense to do this before each unstable release (and we don’t have the manpower to do it anyway).

  14. Adrian Bunk says:

    If I can help with manpower for anything that does not require deeper WebKit knowledge (like for making releases) please drop me a note.

  15. Samuel B. Quiring says:

    What is the status of Accessibility support in WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1?

  16. xan says:

    @Samuel B. Quiring: it’s still pretty basic, but we are working to improve it.

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  18. krit says:

    @Prakash: Ubuntu maybe uses pango. You only get 100/100 with freetype-fonts.

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