N810 and new GTK+/Hildon stack


As others have alread commented, the new tablet is now out. But I’m a software guy, so I’ll talk about the software it runs and let others dissect the hardware.

As Michael says we had to break the API to unfuck cleanup the mess that was our stack until now. This sucks, but I think the benefits are worth it: we now use a slightly modified (but ABI compatible, unlike before) GTK+ 2.10.12, the most egregious crack is gone from Hildon, you have cairo, which is used to render almost all the text you see on the device (but use it with moderation please, it’s not a speed demon yet :)), the theming infrastructure is greatly improved, etc.

The differences in our GTK+ are documented for a change, and there’s an on-going effort to provide a coherent start page for the platform at live.gnome.org/Hildon. Now we need the validation of the community, so please port your apps and write new and excellent free software for Hildon.

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3 Responses to N810 and new GTK+/Hildon stack

  1. Janne says:

    Any chance of CJK input happening?

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  3. xan says:

    Janne, I think there is a Summer of Code project about that, check http://maemocjk.garage.maemo.org/

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