GNOME Nightly Annual ABI Break

This only affects GNOME Nightly, if you are using the stable runtimes you have nothing to worry about

It’s that time of the year again. We’ve updated the base of the GNOME Nightly Flatpak runtime to the Freedesktop-SDK 21.08 beta release.

This brings lots of improvements and updates to the underlying toolchain, but it also means that between yesterday and today, there is an ABI break and that all your Nightly apps will need to be rebuilt against the newer base.

Thankfully this should be as simple as triggering a new Gitlab CI pipeline. If you merge anything that will also trigger a new build as well.

I suggest you also take the time to set up a daily scheduled CI job so that your applications keep up with runtime changes automatically, even if there hasn’t been new activity in the app for some time. It’s quite simple.

Go to the your project, Settings -> CI/CD -> Schedules -> New schedule button -> Select the daily preset.

Happy hacking.