Thessaloniki spring Hackfests!

Hello everyone!

I am here to terrorize your calendar by dropping the dates for two back to back hackfests we are organizing in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece (who doesn’t like coming to Greece on work time, right?).

May 27-29th we will be hosting the annual GStreamer Spring Hackfest. If multimedia is your thing, you know the drill. Newcomers are also welcome ofc!

May 31st-June 5th we will be hosting another edition of the GNOME ♥️ Rust Hackfest. First in person Rust hackfest ever since the pandemic started. From what I heard, half of Berlin will be coming for this one so we might change its scope to an all around GNOME one, but we will see. You are all welcome!

See the pages of each hackfest for more details.

We are in the final steps of booking the venue but it will most likely be in the city center and it should be safe to book accommodation and traveling tickets.

Additionally the venue we are looking at can accommodate around 40 people, so please please add yourself to the organizing pad of each hackfest you are interested in, in addition to any dietary restrictions you might have.

See you all IRL!