On the Buses

Back in residence after my trip to Norn Iron with Julie. Took in all the usual touristy things, like the Giant’s Causeway (I’m sure in Scotland we were taught that it was Finn MacCool who ran away from Benandonner though!), the Tyrone Crystal factory, the Belfast bus tour and the traffic jams in Dundalk. (Okay, so Dundalk’s actually on this side of the border.)

Still not quite sure what to make of the fact that said bus tour includes the Shankill and Falls Road these days… the fact that open top buses can now freely parade around (perhaps not the best choice of phrase) interface areas is a sign of remarkable progress, and our ironically-monikered tourguide Billy’s irreverence towards the tricoloured-kerbstones, murals and army observation points would probably have seen his kneecaps in some danger not so many years ago.

But the 12th of July bonfires were still being readied, and I don’t suppose we’ll hear any fewer poisonous party songs at the next Old Firm game.