Busy couple of weekends… last Saturday, since it was a bank holiday, we decided to treat ourselves to a night at the Clarion in town to de-stress from our recent house-moving escapades, making as much use of the facilities as the budget allowed. On Sunday night, we had tickets for a recording of RTÉ’s The Panel, which is always good for a a laugh. And this weekend, we went for an international shopping day-trip… well, okay, we took the train up to Belfast. Dunno if it’s the slightly-more-Scottish-accents or the City Hall that looks a bit like a squashed version of the City Chambers, but it reminded me of Glasgow even more than last time I was there.

Update: Johan points out that Durban City Hall is actually an exact copy of Belfast’s, except that it’s surrounded by palm trees… (or by idiots, as Stephen quipped…)