6 thoughts on “Dual-boot Power[Book|Mac] Linux + Tiger users rejoice…”

  1. Yes, potentially a bad mix 🙂 But at least he’s restricted it to read-only in this development version, while bugs are ironed out. I used the previous version when I still ran Panther, and it was rock solid (read and write).

    @pundit: the release notes say it supports 10.4 on PowerPC and Intel.

  2. that’s cool! the last week I was seeking for a build for x86 processors, now they realeased one! I’m happy! 🙂 Thanks for posting it!

  3. heh. I tried it but when I was mounting it I got:
    Command: Mount
    Device: disk0s1
    Message: The filesystem may need repair. Please use Disk Utility to check the filesystem.
    Error: 0x1FFFFFFF

    You’ve the reason! Just a bit buggy 😛

    Hopefully they follow working…

  4. @jp: yeah, I’ve had that message a few times too. Only way I can reliably avoid it at the moment is to change my Options so that my ext2 filesystems mount automatically at login… and even then, sometimes they don’t always mount 🙂 (They usually come back when I boot into Linux, then back to OSX, though…)

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