That was close…

Kudos to the Thunderbird team for adding a neck-saving feature (maybe it’s been there forever, but I’ve only just encountered it tonight)… an alert that pops up when you try to send a mail using the keyboard shortcut rather than clicking Send. How I’ve laughed in the past whenever I’ve sent incomplete/embarrassing/borderline-litigious emails by mistake (usually when trying to use some other keyboard shortcut, followed by Enter) before I’d counted to ten and rewritten them 🙂

Now, you could well argue that it’s a poor shortcut (Cmd-Enter on Mac, presumably Ctrl-Enter on others) that’s easy to hit by mistake. But it’s kind of a standard one these days, so the warning is appreciated in the meantime until they pick a better one.

One thought on “That was close…”

  1. That feature was in Mozilla Mail long before Thunderbird ever came along.

    Given the irreversible consequences this is really something which shouldn’t have a keybinding by default. Unfortunately there is no good way to enable it later if it were disabled so it must be on by default with this kind of warning.

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