What a beautiful, er… horizon

Now that Kathy’s said it, I hope I can say it myself without sounding like an MCP: there was, indeed, an infeasibly high proportion of gorgeous young women in and around Barcelona… I fear that’s one battle that Brummy GUADEC has already lost 🙂 <flamesuit action=”on” />

Unlike Kathy, though, to my eyes an equally-unusual proportion of Mediterranean women (and men) seem to look old before their time, and I didn’t really see much to change my mind in Catalonia… maybe it’s the wrinkles from all that squinting into the sun, which, to be fair, I’d happily accept as a side-effect myself if I lived somewhere that sunny. (But preferably not quite so hot.)

One thought on “What a beautiful, er… horizon”

  1. Sun ages the skin something terrible, it’s very common for people to look like they’re 50 when only 30 in the Med areas I find.

    It’s funny also how foreign countries always seem to have a lot of gorgeous women. I was thinking the same thing about Switzerland the other day. I suspect there is some as-yet-unnamed psychological force at work here 🙂

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