Model Behaviour

I do wish mobile phone companies (well, Nokia in particular) would print model numbers somewhere on all their handsets. I’ve had three different ones now, and every time I go to buy an accessory, I can never remember which one I’ve got. (I think I currently have a 3100, and Julie has a 3220… but it could quite conceivably be the other way around. Or neither.)

7 thoughts on “Model Behaviour”

  1. The *#0000# code doesn’t tell me the model number either, just date, version number and copyright 🙂 Yeah, I figured it would probably be in the battery compartment somewhere, but as you say, it’s not really much use there.

  2. I have learned a nice habit to deal with these problems. When I get a new phone, the first thing I do is add the model number to the address book under the name: Model Number. The number is normally on the box when you purchase the phone.

  3. the *#0000# code doesn’t exactly work with all models.


    The serial number is ALWAYS below the battery. So you just open the case, remove the bat and voila!

  4. @Nate: yeah, that’s probably the easiest solution. I usually have to put the phone’s own number in my address book for a while until I remember it anyway (that’s another feature all my Nokias have been missing– my Siemens phone used to have an ‘own number’ function, although I guess that might be regarded as a security flaw these days). So maybe I should get into the habit of filing it under the phone’s model number…

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