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Dobey, I’m sure you’d rather avoid iTunes, but it does let you do what you want, in a roundabout sort of way– you can tell it to rip any two or more consecutive CD tracks as a single file, so they’re always played back to back. Of course you then lose all the ID3 info for one of the tracks, and you can’t apply it retrospectively to already-ripped tracks, so we could certainly do better.

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  1. Recursive playlists (maybe via Tracker?) would be a lot more logical and easy to make intiutive interfaces for. iTunes is to be avoided at all costs until they stop spoonfeeding the idea that DRM is ok to the masses.

  2. It’s a bit less flexible, but why not do album-level random play, a la foobar2000?

  3. Hi,
    One solution is to put your allready encoded songs in an matroska container (, in whatever order you like. That way you would be able to keep the mp3’s as they were and still have the possibility to listen to them as an album, if the player supports matroska (*.mka).

  4. Someone suggested this a while back on the rhythmbox-devel mailing list, and I think I’ve got some half-working code floating around. Basically it has an override for the play-order, so that whenever it tried to play any of the tracks in a “play chain” it plays then all (in order).

    What it really needs is someone to design a decent UI for setting up/editing/removing the chains, and figuring out how it should interact with other play order overrides (i.e. the play queue).

  5. This also tends to happen with the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band and With a little help from my friends

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