Phishing ingenuity

Have seen it all now… got this phishing email today that actually includes a snail mail address to send your money to, just in case you’re too “clever” to click on the link.


Account On-hold: Please pay
your eBay fees today

Dear member:

You are late in paying your eBay fees of $718.28 and
your account for user kahlocjd is past due. These
fees result from listing items on eBay or using
related services (ID verify, Stores, etc).

This account has been
restricted and you will not be able to bid or list on eBay. To avoid further collections please pay your fees today by
following these steps:

1. Log on to [dodgy phishing link deleted]
2. Click ‘Site Map’ at the
top of the page
3. In the ‘My Selling Account’ section, click ‘Make a Single
Payment’. Sign in if requested
4. Select a
method to pay your eBay fees and follow the online instructions on page

If you do not have
access to your account or prefer not to pay online, please mail your payment
with your payment coupon and clearly state your account ID E286455801001 on the
check with a copy of this notice to:

eBay, Inc.
P.O. Box 2179
Carol Stream, IL 60132-2179

If we do not receive your payment, your account may be suspended and
additional collections remedies may be used to bring this account to current.
All current listings will be ended and you will no longer be part of the eBay

If this past due balance is the only reason for restricting your account, it
will be reopened for bidding and listing when your full payment is received.
Your account will continue to be charged a late payment finance charge of up to
1.5% of your past due amount.

Thank you,
eBay Global Collections