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So, I’ve just noticed that some of the Google HOPG tasks involve updating the HIG screenshots.  I don’t know if the other HIG authors were alerted to this, but I certainly wasn’t.

Apart from a degree of discourtesy to the HIG authors, this oversight is surely particularly unhelpful to the people who claimed the tasks, as the maintainers who will ultimately decide if their work is fit for inclusion have not been around to offer advice as they were going along.

Also, FWIW, the draft version of the HIG already has several updated screenshots in it, so hopefully nobody has wasted their time duplicating those.  I’ll review what I can this week, but this is my last working week this year and I have other stuff taking priority.  So maybe Bryan, Seth, Anna etc. could help out here too, if they’re reading 🙂 

One thought on “HOPG – HIG screenshots”

  1. As I explained on irc, this is to a large degree my fault. As I said to Vincent Untz that “Updating some of the HIG screenshots as a task would probably be cool”. Shortly after, it had been added as a task (Vincent probably thought I had a thumbs up already from the HIG-dudes or something).
    Will make sure to actually talk to the maintainers of said module before I propose some more stuff. Thanks for bringing this up!

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