iPad, meet GNOME

Just been playing with the new Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad, which to you and me means “the first Sun Ray client for a tablet”. Here I am playing with GIMP on a Solaris GNOME 2.30 desktop, which is running on one of the Sun Ray servers in the Dublin office:

Sun Ray client for iPad

There are a couple of rough edges — the main one, perhaps, being that you can’t scroll the content of windows on the remote desktop in the same way that you’d scroll any other content on the iPad. Right now you have to grab and move the scrollbars, which isn’t so easy on a touchscreen. But other than that, it’s pretty tidy for a first release.

If you have access to a Sun Ray desktop and want to join in the fun, the app is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

4 thoughts on “iPad, meet GNOME”

  1. You should run GNOME on the iPad itself, replacing iOS with Fedora/Debian/Gentoo!

  2. While that’s technically possible, it kind of defeats the point of buying an iPad 🙂 Plus, in this case, you’d lose all the advantages of Sun Ray, like proper hot-desking.

  3. Hopefully that will be possible one day with this solution, but Sun Ray can’t currently deal with GNOME 3’s OpenGL requirements.

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