Regular open source night in Dublin

Nice to see this sort of thing happening at the TOG hackerspace in Dublin, starting next week, especially as it sounds like there will be some GNOME presence. Hopefully it’ll be a roaring success!

4 thoughts on “Regular open source night in Dublin”

  1. Hi Calum, thanks for the encouraging words about the event! I think it went well, although it didn’t end up being as collaborative as I was hoping, some things still got done (yay). I wrote down a few more thoughts about it and the future, should you have an interest in finding out more ( In any case, Roaring Success shall be the goal we aim toward!

    The Gnome presence was minimal (me, the happy user with my one-patch track record), maybe consider coming along next time? 🙂

  2. Haven’t really been involved with GNOME for two or three years myself now to be honest, so don’t know how useful I would be! But we’ll see… it’s not so convenient for me to make it in and out of Dublin on a weekday evening these days, but if there’s a pint or two involved at some point I might be persuaded 🙂

  3. Ah, that’s too bad. I’m afraid the event finishes too late to make pints a reasonable follow-up 🙂 but I’ll remember to bring one when it would make sense to have an experienced (even if not for a couple of years) Gnome contributor around! It’d be cool to have you in Tog, I think I saw you speak at GUADEC at the Hague. About building up a collection of HCI design patterns?

  4. Quite possibly 🙂 That’s certainly something I was trying to kick start for GNOME 3, having previously co-written a lot of the GNOME 2 HIG some years previously. That’s also about the time I mainly started working on non-open-source things at Sun->Oracle as well, though, so I had to leave all the new guideline/pattern work in the capable hands of Allan Day and the other (now mainly Red Hat) designers.

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