Solaris 11.4 released

Congrats to my colleagues in the Solaris team who released Solaris 11.4 today. Despite the 11.x moniker, this is actually a major Solaris release; Oracle has just decided to go down the perpetual macOS X / Windows 10 version numbering route from now on. (This development is unlikely to faze Solaris veterans, who have been using SunOS 5.x since 1992.)

Being the first major Solaris release in 7 years, it’s also the first to ship with a GNOME 3 desktop. So thanks, as always, to everyone in the GNOME and related FOSS communities who made that possible.

On a personal note, this version also ships the last significant Solaris project I worked on, which during development was known as the Analytics WebUI, but now goes by the marketing-approved moniker of the Observability Tools System Web Interface. It’s always nice when something you’ve worked on sees the light of day, and it’s even nicer when you know somebody else will have to deal with any complaints 😊

3 thoughts on “Solaris 11.4 released”

  1. Solaris is one useless thing. Gnome is another useless thing. Two pieces of crap coming together in one box !!!!

  2. solaris 11 and gnome are ok to me. I use computer more than 8hrs /day and dont want to waste time to learn useless(not big change) new things. Windows are rubbish, linux are so many variants and so confusing that no proper mainboard manufacturers want to support.
    solaris 11 commands are so logical that u dont need to memory them. Hope solaris keep going, if not sell it to chinese, who have much money to save good old things.

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