We’ve got Willie on the Wing

A mixed weekend of World Cup football. Ireland pull off a great result against Holland, guaranteeing them a playoff place, and Scotland prolong the qualification agony with a poor goal-less draw with Croatia, leaving us needing to beat Belgium on Wednesday.

(Apparently, England had not a bad result either, but only against a Germany team whose defence I could have cut open myself with a slightly-sharpened sponge).

My bit of the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines is finally taking shape– nothing committed to cvs as yet, but at least I’ve finally had time to write something.

HIG: Who’s doing what

So, Michael Schumacher wins another dull race and another dull F1 World Championship, and Motherwell’s dismal start to the new season is relentless. Blissful normality.

Plans to write the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (mini-edition) continue apace, and we’ve now all agreed who’s writing what. I’ve hastily been trying to learn DocBook in preparation for this monumental task, by converting my latest draft of the GNOME Accessibility Guide. “Trivial” and “not” are two words that spring to mind.

HR, HIG’n’Stuff

*Sigh* Bit of a crummy old time at the moment, what with one thing and another, and the worst is probably yet to come…

On the other hand, sounds like this month’s round of politics has left me unsoiled, and my work on the GNOME accessibility guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines can continue unabated. Whether or not this turns out to be a good thing for either the community or my sanity remains to be seen :o)

GNOME 1.4 Usability Report

Hmm well, our ol’ GNOME Usability Report finally made it into print (well, pixels) this week, albeit after some delay… and still without any video clips from the test. Despite the delay, it was Slashdotted within a couple of hours, which wasn’t a bad effort.

The kudos, of course, mostly belongs to Suzanna and Andi, all I did was stand up at GUADEC in Copenhagen and present some of the early results… I didn’t even want to go, initially, cos I didn’t fancy giving a presentation I’d barely had a chance to read to people I’d never met! Just try stopping me coming back next year, though :o)