Eugenia on JDS2

So, it seems Eugenia didn’t like JDS2 much. But considering it’s never been touted as anything other than JDS1 plus system management tools, and it’s still aimed squarely at the likes of tightly-administered banks and call centres, I’d have been more concerned if the review hadn’t been padded out with some stuff about the games
not working properly.

Sure JDS has bugs, and I’d be the first to admit that some of them aren’t too hard to find if you’re not one of our target users (and Eugenia knows exactly who they are). But at the end of the day I’d rather that Sun continues to fix them based on customers’ rather than journalists’ priorities, even if the odd predictably-unflattering
review ensues.

Private Joke

Apparently our new Sun Ireland intranet site no longer allows us to see all our local colleagues’ mugshots, because doing so constitutes a “privacy issue”. I wonder if they’ll be taking down all our cubicle name plates too, in case we accidentally go round to somebody’s desk and see their face.

Top tips

It’s official– I am personally going to throttle the next person who commits a Foobar Preferences menu item to the JDS build tree with the tooltip:

   [Configure|Set|Change] your foobar [options|preferences|settings]


Crash… ah ah!

*Sigh*… having spent the last few weeks upgrading the kernel on my laptop and getting everything working just the way I wanted, the hard disk fairies came on Friday and sprinkled their crash dust all over the innards of my trusty Travelstar.

A quick trip to Peats at lunchtime is called for I guess…

Wizard wheeze

Well, I’m still here… the GNOME team at Sun got away without too many casualties, one voluntary and a couple of not-so-voluntary.

Went to see The Proclaimers in town again last night… good show, ended up going on my own though. I did get them to autograph my unused spare ticket, though, so that was always something…

Saw the new Harry Potter movie at the weekend, too… wasn’t bad, pretty faithful to the book, not entirely convinced about the acting abilities of young Harry, though– his school chummies and chummettes were rather more accomplished, I thought. At least Gryffindor are obviously Motherwell fans, judging by their claret and amber scarves

HIG: Who’s doing what

So, Michael Schumacher wins another dull race and another dull F1 World Championship, and Motherwell’s dismal start to the new season is relentless. Blissful normality.

Plans to write the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (mini-edition) continue apace, and we’ve now all agreed who’s writing what. I’ve hastily been trying to learn DocBook in preparation for this monumental task, by converting my latest draft of the GNOME Accessibility Guide. “Trivial” and “not” are two words that spring to mind.

HR, HIG’n’Stuff

*Sigh* Bit of a crummy old time at the moment, what with one thing and another, and the worst is probably yet to come…

On the other hand, sounds like this month’s round of politics has left me unsoiled, and my work on the GNOME accessibility guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines can continue unabated. Whether or not this turns out to be a good thing for either the community or my sanity remains to be seen :o)