GVFS programmer wanted

Nautilus 2.23.5(.1) [shipped with GNOME 2.23.5] has tab support,  an eject button next to mounted volumes in the sidebar, and a “restore” feature for the trash that figures out the location where a file came from automatically before moving it out of the trash.

Unfortunately, moving files out of the trash in general takes a very long time with GVFS due to a bug. We would be very pleased if you volunteered to fix the bug:


7 thoughts on “GVFS programmer wanted”

  1. > ONLY if the same patch can include removal of the Nautilus tabs.

    guys, what’s the matter? You can unset a GConf key, and they are gone.

  2. I guess people get offended when things they do not like get included in mainstream. Seriously, speaking of Fedora Spatial Nautilus view, it’s even worse than Tabs. Btw, your ejection button work is very great. Thank you.

  3. I don’t know if my gut feeling is totally wrong, but I wouldn’t trust my data to gvfs yet if there are such bugs and limitations. I hope enterprise rollout and testing is not going to be too painful.. For example GVFS + Trash implementation seems to have “undefined behavior” facing an almost full or full disk.. just because I shouldn’t fill my disk doesn’t mean GVFS shouldn’t be able to handle it if I do. So I’m worried.

  4. I have tried out 2.23.5 on Ubuntu Intrepid, Tab is very cool, making things easier, now I dont have to minimize or move between windows, loving this feature ;D.

    I am so a bit worried about regression fix of gvfs. My hdd has 2TB of movies that I dont want to see it disappear. Keep up your good work.

  5. I didn’t know that adding “restore” is ‘complicated’. I am glad that is available.

    I like tabs, but Nautilus (and GNOME) is (are) missing some basic features…

    Nautilus should be able to show more information about files (Artist, Album, Photographer, Film, etc.) in different ways (Grouped by Type, File name, File size). Compact View is nice addition to this.

    Right mouse click on Path bar ‘button’ should open pop-up menu to choose different folder. Right click or arrow (new Dolphin has this feature, Windows Vista Explorer too).

    Improving search in Nautilus would be also great.

    This is not all, but if you even consider, I will appreciate it.

    Thank you for reading.

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