MediaManager, week 4

Hi everyone, this is my report for the fourth week of coding for my SoC

This week hasn’t been as productive as the first three, as I have been
quite busy with some personal things.

== Work done this week ==

I spent quite some time on DBus: first reading the documentation and
learning the basics and then fighting to solve some nasty crashers in
the code I was writing.
In the end, I made a separate executable helper, mm-dbus-manager, whose
activation should be auto-activated on request (i.e. when the library
wants to know the applications registered on the DBus interface or
interact with them). The helper puts a manager on the bus, which takes
care of spawning the application-specific executables, which in turn
register themselves to the manager and should expose and implement the
methods of my interface.
The manager discovers the available application-specific executables by
looking for GKeyFiles installed in a known location.
Apart from setting this up, I spend some other time autofooizing the
whole project in a much nicer way; the test suite is getting better too,
and I also wrote tests for the DBus interface.

== Work for the next week ==

– Keep the work and hopefully finish the DBus parts (i.e. implement the
queriable interface and the serialization and deserialization of library
– (optional) Do the other tasks I had setup for this week and didn’t
have the time to do.

== Resources ==

As usual, you can find my work in my git repo tagged “week4” now.


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#1 Mike on 06.25.08 at 3:29 am

whats the prospect of using your media manager to make a playlist (from say your Banshee collection) to add music to a slideshow (in something like F-spot)?